BLACKPINK of Talisay

Batang BLACKPINK is here to snatch your wigs. (Source)

i’m thinking of doing an ongoing blog series of bite-sized observations and things i think are worth sharing but that aren’t a deep dive. i’m dubbing them “CRUMBS,” for now.

today’s CRUMB came to my attention via my friend Houa: BLACKPINK NG TALISAY, aka BLACKPINK OF TALISAY, aka a small group of Filipino bbs who live in the city of Talisay in Cebu, Philippines, who’ve created the absolute fiercest, cutest BLACKPINK dance group to ever grace this earth. here they capitol “P” Perform “how you like that,” with their own choreographic and staging flourishes. it is abundantly clear who is the Jennie Kim of them all, and i live:

Featuring Charles Peter Dela Cuestra, 8; Josh Tin Dela Cuestra, 5; Clarl John Dela Cuestra, 9; and Carl Brian Zapanta, 9. (CDN Digital)

they apparently also recently started a youtube channel here, called Shawn TV.

in the words of their cousin glorivie cañeda who uploaded the “how you like that” vid, “The gay Power 😍🥰“!!!

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