Introducing MSG Radio: Episode 1

Image description: The MSG Radio logo is a riff on the Aji-no-moto MSG logo. On a 2-D red bowl are the words “MSG RADIO.” under which stretches a red banner that reads, “The Sound of…Umami.”

Exciting announcement! Back in March, I debuted MSG Radio on KFAI Fresh Air Community Radio in Minneapolis. I’m on air every Thursday 10am-12pm CT at 90.3 FM in Minneapolis and worldwide.

About the show: MSG Radio is the Sound of Umami. The show is rooted in the vast and complex Asian Diaspora but also draws connections between musical traditions and present-day innovations worldwide. Global queer networks and histories alike serve as inspiration. Just as monosodium glutamate unites the global south, so too does MSG Radio.

Listen to Episode 1 below:


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