MSG Radio Ep 4 – 2022.04.14

Image features the seven members of VST & Co popping out of a large red Ajinomoto bowl; Mao Sareth stands to the right of the bowl; and Yoshiko Sai holds a cat's cradle string in the foreground. Text on image reads "MSG Radio / Episode 4: East & Southeast Asian Oldies / THURSDAY 14 APR 2022 - 10am-12pm CT." It also reads, "MPLS 90.3 FM /" in the upper right corner.

MSG Radio is the Sound of Umami, produced and hosted by me, DJ Shrimp Chips! The show airs every Thursday 10am-12pm CT on KFAI 90.3 FM in Minneapolis and online at

This is Episode 4: East & Southeast Asian Oldies. Ep 4 originally aired April 14, 2022. Good ep, if I do say so myself.

Tracklist can be found on KFAI here and on Spinitron here. Listen below.

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